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Get your Yonex Badminton Shoes - New Stock

This is a preview of the badminton court shoes from the Yonex collection available at Canada Elite Badminton.

New stock of all these badminton shoes are now on sale, so shop now by placing your orders on our website today.

Eclipsion Series

If you know about the Yonex shoes than it is very normal to think that Eclipsion provides only tennis shoes exclusively. And this thought was right until last year when Eclipsion launched its badminton shoes. The performance of the shoe is of high quality as far as certain reviews of top badminton players are concerned after using it, and they have detailed that Power Cushion 037 and Eclipsion models are the ones very similar to these shoes.

Eclipsion Z Mens - Pink/Blue

Eclipsion Z Ladies - Black

Eclipsion Z Wide - Navy/Ice Blue

Eclipsion X Mens - Blue/Orange

Eclipsion X Mens - Turquoise/Yellow

Eclipsion X Mens - White/Black

Power Cushion 65 Z Mens - Black/Bright Red

Power Cushion 65 X Mens - Black

Power Cushion 65 X Ladies - White/Mint

Power Cushion 65 X Wide - Red

Comfort Z Mens - Black/Red

Comfort 2 Mens - Orange

Comfort 2 Ladies - Navy/Pink

Power Cushion 56 - White/Red