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Things to Consider while Selecting a Badminton Racket

Badminton is the game that cannot be played without racket and perfect shoes you feel comfortable in. Here we are going to share the details of how you can choose the right racket for the upcoming game of yours. To start with, we will first tell you about the different specifications of the rackets.

From our sports store, one can buy badminton rackets from a wide range according to your choice after reading its specifications. Things to be considered while selecting a Badminton Racket:

  • Weight
  • Balance
  • Flex
  • Head shape
  • Grip Size


The weight of the racket is what matters a lot. Usually, it is denoted with ‘U’ in the specification of the badminton racket. The common weight one can find in a racket are 3U and 4U.  As the rackets are getting lighter you will come across 5U and 6U rackets much time.  The most uncommon rackets weight that you will rarely see are U and 2U. However, it can be seen in training and are meant to work out the forearm and wrist muscles.

Major categories of racket’s weight are:

1U: 95-99g

2U: 90-94g

3U: 85-89g

4U: 80-84g

5U: 75-79g

6U: 70-74g


A badminton racket’s balance is another factor that affects your performance. The balance point of the badminton racket is crucial because it makes the player feel the difference that a racket has with regards to stability in the finger.They are separated into three types, namely Head Heavy, Head Light and Even Balance.

  • Head Heavy Balance:For the extra edge smash, Head heavy rackets are perfect as the balance it distributes towards the head gives the player’s swing power & momentum.
  • Head Light Balance: For the speed drive exchanges, Headlight rackets will always provide you the upper hand.
  • Even BalanceFor all-rounder players, Even Balance Racket is the one as it can hit a smash as well as give quick defensive shots.


The speed you need in the swing at the time of playing should match the flexibility of the racket. Badminton Rackets comes in three types of shafts i.e. flexible, medium flex, stiff and extra stiff.  For a player starting as a beginner, the swing speed is generally very slow, so the flexible shaft is more beneficial to play any level of badminton for these players. Stiff shaft is more useful for a professional player in terms of resistance and faster snapback as they already have high swing speed and accurate badminton shots.


Towel grips are made of cotton or polyester and it absorbs sweat well and feels comfortable in the hand of a player. Rubber grip is suitable for long-term use for the player and it is heavier than a normal badminton racket grip. Overgrip has more friction and doesn’t slip easily from the player’s hands. Similar to the weight of the racket, grip size also comes in various ranges. Yonex, Victor, and Black Knight offer the following sizes of the grips:

G1: 4 inches

G2: 3.75 inches

G3: 3.5 inches

G4: 3.25 inches

G5: 3 inches

G6: 2.75 inches

Unlike the racket’s weight, the lower the grip number will be the higher it’s size be. The grip size differs depending upon the preferences of the player. Larger grip size will utilize more of your arm while smaller grip sizes will utilize more of the finger/wrist power.

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