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Get the best sports accessories to use

Ain’t no game is complete without the sports accessories. If you don’t have the required accessories, your game is worthless. Also, you will not be able to enjoy the sport. 

Imagine playing tennis without shuttle, rackets or net, as we know this is the essential set of accessories, these can’t be avoided. Now the major question arises, from where to buy these accessories and how will you know if the product is good or not. Canada Elite Badminton & Sports Pro Shop provides the best types of equipment for Badminton and Tennis.

Here are some of the major accessories required while playing tennis or badminton and you can buy all of them from our sports store online.


The important and powerful equipment required in Badminton or Tennis is a racket. We all know these sports cannot be played without it. If you are planning to go professional you definitely require a strong racket. In our Badminton Store online we sell the best rackets of major brands such as Yonex, Black Knight, and Victor. As per BWF specifications, we provide rackets with string length up to 27.94 cm, string width up to 20.9 cm, racket length and width not higher than 68 cm & 23 cm respectively. We have various choices you can opt for in our sports store online. You can choose the racket as per your requirements. You can check them out from this link:


Well, while playing badminton you not only use your hand but also your feet. Any badminton player moves a lot while playing. The continuous moving can be aching while relaxing as it pressurizes your feet. So you need a shoe that is relaxing, cushioned and comfortable. If your feet are not completely supporting you, then your hands will not coordinate and there will be lesser chances to win. Moreover, your shoes must not be slippery and should maintain your body weight on the court. We provide you the top brand shoes which are popular among youngsters like Black Knight, Victor, and Yonex. Here is the link to check the shoes:


The shuttlecock is another important equipment without which you cannot play badminton. The weight of the shuttlecock should not be greater than 5.50 grams. If the shuttlecock you are opting is feathered than it must have 16 feathers attached to the cork. You can choose the cock from our online store wide range of feathered and plastic cocks, depending on your way of answering or smashing the cock. Have a look at our shuttles on


You need to be comfortable while you play the match. If you are wearing comfortable attire it can make a remarkable difference. In our Sports store online you will find a large range of attire including round neck or collar t-shirts which are made from Cotton to absorb all the sweat and you can play at ease while any other fabric can exhaust you faster by not properly absorbing the sweat. You can check our different t-shirt collection from below: 


However, it sounds insignificant but socks play an important role in playing Badminton. While playing any sport good quality socks are required as it can absorb your feet sweat and keep you comfortable while playing. Don’t ever compromise in the quality of socks as it can help you in a good performance. We have so many options of Socks; you can check it out from the following link.


If you want your racket to have durability and repulsion power, you need to string your racket with high quality strings. For someone who wants to opt for badminton professionally it is highly advised to get the string rectified accurately as your performance will be affected by the type of string and string tension. We at our store have numerous options of strings and also stringing machine for your own usage which you can check out from this link:

As the saying goes,” Everyone has the desire to win but only Champions has the desire to prepare”. So practice and fulfill your passion for the game by using the right accessories from the vast variety of sports elements of our store. You can also check the t-shirts, headbands, stringing machines(only available online), bags, cases and many more.